Questions this book will help you answer:


What are your financial goals?

What are your financial priorities?

Why are the priorities so important?

What are you willing to compromise to make the priorities a reality?

Why are you willing to compromise?

How do you determine what your retirement income need will be?


If you are in the midst of or approaching any one or more of the following life-changing events:

  • You may have recently received an inheritance and feel you need help.

  • You have experienced a marital change via either divorce or death of a spouse.

  • You are experiencing an employment change with either a job change or retirement.

  • You are having the “aha moment” and realizing that you cannot keep managing your money the way you have in the past because it is just not working.  It is time for help.

Are you now the “rookie investor” who is seeking the expert who is “supposed” to have all the answers.

But how are you supposed to know if the advisor is the “guru” with the answers or a product salesperson with an agenda?  Or even worse yet, some “wanna-be” stock market genius that knows enough to be very dangerous?

Knowledge is power.

  • What is the financial narrative now running in your head?

  • Discover your personal financial narrative.

    • What is the story you are telling yourself about your money situation?

    • Why do you have this narrative?

    • Is your narrative health or unhealthy?

    • Learn how to change your narrative.

Discover your financial reality and align it with your narrative. This knowledge will empower you to move to your next degree of financial freedom.